The Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software

Did you know why there are over a 50 million blogs on the internet? I mean, people are not jobless to put up a blog and write some crap right? They actually Make Money!
That's right, Google™ has a special program called Adsense™ which allows anyone with a blog or a website to make money, quickly and easily.

In short, this is how it works: An advertiser pays google to display their ad on blogs. As a publisher, you give permission for Google to display those ads on your blogs. When someone, as your blog' visitor, clicks on those ad, Google pays you a share on what they get from the advertiser. This is the program that actually makes Google "Billion dollars" every year.

"Okay If it's That Simple, Where's The Catch?"

You wont get several dollars for every ad click. Some times, you get only a few cents and this is where most people quit. But the real success is to replicate the process!

"If one blog could make you $3 per day, imagine if you had 50 blogs or more. 50 x $3 = $150 and thats per day! 150 x 30 = $4500 Monthly!" This could easily pay off your pending bills and sooner, when you expand more, you could even live the life of your dreams!

The math sounds good, but how the hell could a normal person manage 50 blogs, especially when Google cares only on the blogs that are updated frequently?
I know how hard it is to manually update your blogs with fresh content everyday, and imagine the same for over 50 blogs?

What if a software could do all the hard work in updating all your (ALL YOUR) blogs on auto-pilot and you could just sit back, relax and collect the cash?

Even if you've got no blogs already or don't plan to invest in a domain name or whatsoever, the software can still help you with free blogs! And I provide a short action plan to reach Your Dreams Of Earning Over $150/day with This Software, PLUS a Personalized Email and Forum Support To Help You Achieve The Same. 

The Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software

WordPress SEO Guide Video Course

Don’t be intimidated by the word “SEO”, it really isn’t as hard as it sounds. In fact my videos make optimizing your blog as simple as tying your shoes!
So here’s the catch: WordPress, though it is a fantastic piece of software, is NOT optimized by default!
Would you rather spend the next several months studying SEO and trying to figure out how to apply it to your blog, or would you prefer a faster method?
There is a right way and a wrong way to do WordPress optimization (the wrong way would be sinking an endless amount of cash into lesson after lesson, not having a clear plan of action).
I don’t want to see you wasting your time doing things the wrong way, that is why I created this video training series.
I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about optimizing your WordPress blog for the search engines so you can start getting traffic. It’s really that simple.
Here are all the topics discussed in the video course…

  • What is SEO
  • Why You Should Optimize Your WordPress Blog
  • Overview of the Basics of SEO
  • WordPress Plugins You Need
  • Installing and Activating your Plugins
  • Optimizing your Permalink Structure
  • Understanding Keyword Research
  • Keyword Research Case Study
  • Overview of an Optimized Post
  • Configuring the All in One SEO Plugin
  • Choosing a Title for your Post
  • The Importance of Header Tags
  • Working with Italics, Bold, and Underlining
  • The Power of Good Content
  • Creating Title and Keyword Tags for your Post
  • Using the SEO Friendly Images Plugin to Optimize Images
  • Dealing with URL Canonization
  • Connecting Posts with the Related Posts Plugin
  • The Importance of Limiting Links with NoFollow
  • The Google XML Sitemaps Plugin
  • Customizing Redirects with the Redirection Plugin
  • Importance of Interacting with your Readers
  • Creating a Poll
  • Encouraging Comments
  • Subscribing to Comments Plugin
  • Integrating Facebook with your Blog
  • Integrating Twitter with your Blog
  • The Power of Feedburner
  • Tracking your Blog with Google Analytics
  • Analyzing your Statistics

Get Your Copy of  WordPress SEO Guide Video Course  Here.

Blogging Makes Easy Online Money

First, making easy online money is not going to make anybody a millionaire yet. The money can, however, tide you over in paying some of those bills that pile up and eat a big chunk of your paycheck (if you are presently working).

However, those in the business of making money online have been one in saying that making money online promises to be a lucrative opportunity.

Online opportunities
Depending on your expertise, plus a good nose for opportunities (which is overflowing online), you can make enough that can rival or top the incomes of regularly-employed people.

There are many opportunities in the Internet that can be very profitable. However, we shall limit our search for those that are truly easy and not so complicated, and which almost anybody can do. The current top choice of the day is blogging.


Today, blogging is very popular. To date, blogging has such a sizeable audience and is now one of the most diversified net groupings. Many of the popular blogs today had become some the most lucrative sites in the Net.

One of the many attractive features of blogging is the relative ease in producing them. Anyone can start one and write anything he wants. Most bloggers write them like personal journals, writing on topics nearest their hearts.

Know your niche

The other bloggers write on specific topics (or niche) that they know best shopping, entertainment, popular culture, celebrities, business, personal improvement, medicine, photography, the list is very long. The reasoning is that the blog is yours and you can choose any topic you want.

Another attractive feature on blogging is that anyone can start a blog for free. (The two most popular blog sites today are and

Identification and rapport

The most important component in having a blog is to establish your brand which is yourself. You have to let your readers know you are. This applies to all your blogs that have to do with your business.

In the blog, you can tell your readers about yourself in the About page. This is very important because the reader will identify you and your writings with the personality of the person they read about. This will greatly add to your credibility with regards your business and the things you are saying about it (your blog contents).

Income generation
There are several ways to make easy online money with blogging. The first one (the most popular among them) is to monetize your blog. To do this is to actually use a marketing mix of advertising (Google Adsense) and affiliate marketing. Most of your ads can be carried over to your blog’s RSS feeds.

The profit potential of your blog is going to expand if your content is centered on a profitable niche. This is because there is already a captured market in these niches that are your potential built-in audience.

Moreover, there are now companies who will pay you to blog and their number is on the rise. This is good news to all those who write and wants to get paid well. (You can always check out who are the most generous among them lately.) Easy online money-making never had it better.

Want to make easy money online blogging?